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PlayStation 5 User Orders DualSense Online, Gets Scammed With Painted Xbox One Controller

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PlayStation 5 User Orders DualSense Online, Gets Scammed With Painted Xbox One Controller

Most of the time eBay is a pretty great place to try and get hold of an expensive or rare piece of kit for cheaper than you might find it anywhere else. Unfortunately, the limited supply of PlayStation 5 stock around the world has caused some of the more opportunistic sellers out there to get even bolder, and take advantage of increasingly desperate gamers in ways they might not normally have thought to attempt.


One unfortunate PlayStation 5 owner recently found themselves on the end of a massively irritating scam when their DualSense order turned out to be an old Xbox One controller. What's even worse is that the seller appears to have painted the Xbox One controller to resemble a PS5 controller. Did they think the buyer wouldn't notice? Was this actually just one big joke? It's unclear.

"Ordered a PS5 controller off eBay, wtf is this?", Reddit user crihyde complained over on the PlayStation Subreddit. As you can see for yourself below, whoever tried to make the Xbox controller look like a DualSense did a pretty crappy job.


A few users expressed doubt at the reality of crihyde's plight, but we've definitely seen PS5 scammers and scalpers send stranger things to customers. Over the last few months, would-be PS5 owners have been sent everything from cat food to bricks instead of the console they thought they'd ordered. Honestly, a painted Xbox One controller is one of the least strange scams we've seen.

"File a claim with eBay and call your bank to let them know what's going on," advised one user. "I had something similar happen to me when I tried to order a ps4 pro for my bro and ended up with an xbox 360... Never trusted eBay again."


"Is that black paint or marker? The lines look jagged," said another. What a joke-I'm sorry this happened to you. File your claim with eBay."

eBay's return policy is pretty good about these kinds of things, so it's unlikely crihyde will run into any trouble when getting their money back. As one user said, the only person who wasted time and money on this scam was the scammer.

Featured Image Credit: Sony/crihyde/Reddit

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Ewan Moore
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