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'God Of War' Director Prefers 'The Witcher 3' To His Own Game, Calls It "F***ing Brilliant"

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'God Of War' Director Prefers 'The Witcher 3' To His Own Game, Calls It "F***ing Brilliant"

There's no denying that 2018's God Of War is an absolute masterpiece.


Director Cory Barlog and his team at Sony's Santa Monica Studio completely reinvented Kratos for a new generation in and bold and brilliant adventure that didn't retcon or ignore the older games. Instead, it actively used those previous adventures to fuel the new story's weighty themes of violent cycles, parenthood, and living with the consequences of your actions. Inspired stuff, really.

Take a look at God Of War in action below!



Yep, God Of War is great and we can't wait for more. Then there's The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Much like God Of War, CD Projekt RED's critically acclaimed RPG follows an older hero who is growing tired of their violent lifestyle and just wants to do what's best for their child.

There are some pretty major differences between the two, of course. The Witcher 3 is a much large open world affair, packed with sidequests and dozens of hours of content. God Of War is a comparatively leaner game with a more focused story and less diversions on the side. Does that make one better or worse? No, it just makes them different.

Even so, Cory Barlog himself evidently prefers The Witcher 3 to his own masterpiece. Responding to a "fan" on Twitter who jokingly suggested that CD Projekt RED's RPG is the superior title, the director didn't mince words: "Yeah, that's because that game is f***ing brilliant," he said. Obviously Barlog is incredibly proud of God Of War, but I guess you can't blame him for wanting to heap praise on another game instead of insisting the one he made is better.


To be fair, Barlog isn't wrong. The Witcher 3 is indeed brilliant. But then again, I'd argue that God Of War is equally brilliant in almost every way. Heck, I'd say it's far superior in some areas, but I really can't be bothered to open that can of worms right now. Both games are incredible pieces of work, let's just leave it at that, shall we?

Featured Image Credit: Sony/CD Projekt

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Ewan Moore
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