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'Gran Turismo 7' Players Staging Protest Against Microtransactions By Cheesing Currency Grind

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'Gran Turismo 7' Players Staging Protest Against Microtransactions By Cheesing Currency Grind

Words by: Catherine Lewis


Oh dear. Gran Turismo 7 has quickly gone from seeming like one of Sony's potential best titles of the year, to genuinely their worst of all time (at least, according to the players on Metacritic). Despite launching to some super positive reviews, things began to race downhill (sorry) when the game's microtransactions went live, and somehow, since then it seems like things are only getting worse.

Many players were already upset about the inclusion of microtransactions in general - unlike Gran Turismo Sport, where you could buy certain cars outright with real money, the latest entry to the series only allows you to buy packs of credits. What's more, inflation has clearly hit the Gran Turismo universe, as some of the cars cost a whopping $40 of credits to buy, and Polyphony also recently decreased the amount of credits you can earn through winning races, making it an even bigger grind, if you're not willing to pay the price. However, it seems that people may have worked out a completely free solution to the problem, which won't eat up days of your time.

There's no denying that Gran Turismo 7 is, at least, a very pretty game. Check it out in action right here.



As reported by VGC, one player has shared a simple script to use alongside the PlayStation Remote Play app, which they claim can generate 15 million credits per day. For reference, if you paid for 15 million credits with actual money, it'd cost you about $150 (or £120), so it's a really significant amount.

"This is a method to 100% AFK farm credits. I know with nerfs people are not happy and are probably turned off by the enormous grind, or at least I am. So here are some scripts, created to adjust for those nerfs," wrote Septomor, sharing the script on the PSNProfiles forum. Basically, the script enters inputs into the game for it to repeatedly complete laps of the same track, allowing you to leave it running, unattended, and earn credits while you eat, sleep, or whatever else you might be doing. I won't ask.

At the minute, this script is only compatible on Windows, but has apparently been working very effectively. It can be downloaded for free here, along with some tips for getting everything up and running. Beats driving around in circles for hours on end yourself, right?

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment, Polyphony Digital, Alexander Mils via Unsplash

Topics: PlayStation 5, sony

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