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PlayStation Planning Response To Xbox Game Pass, Says God Of War Creator


PlayStation Planning Response To Xbox Game Pass, Says God Of War Creator

No matter if you're a PlayStation fan or an Xbox stan, we all have to admit that Microsoft has been killing it with Xbox Game Pass recently. My backlog has never been bigger with all the potential games I have access to with the massive Game Pass library, and if you combine the new Xbox Series S with a subscription to Game Pass, it might be the cheapest way to experience some of the most high profile games on the market right now. So the ball is in PlayStation's court then. What is Sony going to offer that competes with the undeniable value that Game Pass has?


Well according to GameRant and God of War creator David Jaffe, PlayStation is developing its own Game-Pass-like offer. In a recent discussion about how PlayStation is going to respond in terms of a subscription service, Jaffe had this to say: "I know people at Sony who have told me that they are doing some stuff. There will be a response to Game Pass."


This isn't exactly new news - we've been expecting that Sony would have to come up with its own competitive product soon. Though Xbox and PlayStation often show that they're friendly to one another it's likely a bit of a worry that Game Pass is such good value compared to a few free games a month on PS Plus.


Of course, Sony has PlayStation Now as well, but that service is mostly focused on streaming games from previous consoles rather than bringing newer games to players for cheap.

Sony has been testing the waters with free games though, in an effort to give gamers something to play while everyone is stuck at home during the pandemic. The company has also got a history of bringing new games out for free on PlayStation Plus like Bugsnax and Rocket League (the latter has gone on to be one of the biggest esports games out there) so PlayStation's subscriptions are not exactly dead in the water. The developer just could be doing more to compete with the value Xbox has to offer right now.

The news from Jaffe is encouraging at least. Maybe Sony will have to look at acquiring more studio's like Microsoft did with the ZeniMax/Bethesda deal, ones with a wide range of successful games perhaps, as Sony is currently blockbuster 'obsessive' according to Bloomberg. But right now we're content with waiting on some PlayStation exclusives like Horizon: Forbidden West and another God of War title.

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