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'Men In Black' PlayStation 5 Game Appears Online Ahead Of Sony Event

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'Men In Black' PlayStation 5 Game Appears Online Ahead Of Sony Event

Tomorrow night, Sony is set to broadcast a brand-new State Of Play Presentation. The September 9 showcase will show off a number of previously announced PlayStation games due to release later this year, plus one or two 2022 surprises.


At the time of writing, we have no real idea what might be in store for us at the show. It's also true that ahead of major events such as this, we start to see all manner of "leaks" surface online. Many of these end up being right-on the money. Others... do not.

Take a look at some of the very best games the PlayStation 4 has to offer below!



It's with this air of scepticism in mind that I invite you, gentle reader, to take a look at the latest apparent PlayStation leak. As shared on both Reddit and 4-Chan, a now-deleted listing from the website of Australian retailer EB Games appears to show an in-development Men In Black game for PlayStation 5.

On the one hand, I'd be pretty thrilled to see a brand-new Men In Black game on a new-gen console. The original 1997 movie starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones remains a wonderful sci-fi romp, and there's plenty of mileage in a video game adaption that sees players exploring a city hunting down aliens.

On the other hand? Well, I'm not exactly convinced by this leak. For one thing, anything that originates on 4Chan should be taken with several pinches of salt. It's not that leaks from 4Chan are always wrong, it's just that... they mostly are.


For another, the placeholder box art suggests the game is being developed by Sony's Bend Studio, the developer behind Days Gone. We know that Days Gone 2 was cancelled so that Bend could work on something else, but I would be very surprised indeed if that something else was an adaptation of a licensed property.

Then again, we now live in a world where Bethesda and Machine Games are making an Indiana Jones video game, so I guess this could well be a bold new chapter for licensed titles. We'll find out for sure tomorrow evening.

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