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Retailer Says It Will Call Police On Pokémon Card Scalpers

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Retailer Says It Will Call Police On Pokémon Card Scalpers

Pokémon Trading Cards fetch a high price at auctions, and as a result of these assured profit margins, they're often the target of scalpers who will bend over backwards to get their mitts on packs. One retailer has had enough of their antics, though, and announced that they may call the police on those who camp outside their stores.


Earlier this year, a fully complete 1999 Pokémon Trading Card set in exceptional condition sold for over half a million dollars. That's the sort of money we're talking about, but there are a handful of factors to take into account.

We spoke to Frosted Caribou, Leonhart, Vivian's Collectables, Randolph, and Serebii to reminisce over the good times that the Pokémon TCG has brought over the last 25 years. Watch the video below!



The first is that the older the card, the more sought-after it will be. A lot of the sets from years gone by have never been reprinted, and they have been lost in attics, left behind in parks, even recycled if the person isn't aware of the true value of these little rectangles of colourful card.

The second is the quality of the cards. You can get them graded from the levels of PR1 (showing defects, damage, discolouration) to GEM-MT 10 (a "virtually perfect card"). For some, it isn't about the rarity or the standard of the cards, and their love for the games was strengthened with the friendships they found in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

The cards that arrived in the McDonald's Happy Meal promotion have already caused chaos in the US, and Target looks like it doesn't want a repeat of those events with its Shining Fates stock. Collectors are proudly camping out in the early hours of the morning to ensure that they've got a chance at snagging the cards - "I went at 7:45 last week and ended up 45th in line," claimed one commenter on Reddit.


However, the retailer isn't interested in entertaining their attempts to get ahead of the game. As per VICE, Target employees are apparently going to advise customers that they should not camp outside stores, yet if they remain outside for more than 30 minutes, employees should "determine next steps and if law enforcement engagement is required."

Another measure is that the retailer will restrict the number of transactions of Pokémon Trading Cards for every customer. "Every target by me has signs up stating 1 product per person, which mean 1 etb [Elite Trainer Box], 1 tin, 1 sleeve pack, 1 3 pack," said Bazookajoe521 on Reddit. "At least everyone can get something if they have to work, and can't be there at 8am. I have to go on my lunch breaks and its always empty by the time [I] arrive."

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