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'Rainbow Six Siege' Introduces Game's First Gay Operator


'Rainbow Six Siege' Introduces Game's First Gay Operator

Ubisoft has revealed the newest playable character to join Rainbow Six Siege, and it's safe to say fans everywhere are pretty chuffed. Operator Santiage "Flores" Lucero is the game's first openly gay character, and the first Argentinian recruit to join the ranks of the popular tactical shooter.


Flores will be joining Rainbow Six Siege as an Attack Operator when the Operation Crimson Heist expansion lands worldwide on March 30. Flores is the 59th Operator to join the fight, and according to his official biography on the official Rainbow website, he phones home every day to talk to his husband and keeps his wedding ring on him no matter what. While clearly a romantic at heart, he's also just as happy to utilize his know-how with explosives and blow enemies to hell with his custom RCE-RATERO Drones. Get you a man who can do both, I guess.


Developer Ubisoft Montreal had previously spoken about its desire to include a diverse cast of Operators from all walks of life, although the fact it took half a decade to introduce an openly gay male character will be bound to draw some criticism. The good news is that the game's director Jean-Baptiste Halle explained to PC Gamer that the inclusion of Flores will have a lasting impact on the game's future operators and their backgrounds.


"It's something that's very, very dear to our hearts to make everyone feel welcome and make everyone feel like they can identify with different people in our cast," he explained. "It's really important that everyone feels like they have a place and can be represented in our game. You can expect more operators who identify with different genders and have different sexualities. It's something that we're trying to improve on."

There's no doubt in my mind that the usual bores will argue that Flores is just another example of "forced diversity", of course, but let the idiots scream all they want. If people really think one in 59 characters being openly gay is forcing any kind of diversity, then they are truly lost.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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Ewan Moore
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