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'Red Dead Online' Players Unhappy With Rockstar Over Latest Update


'Red Dead Online' Players Unhappy With Rockstar Over Latest Update

Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption 2 came out to major critical acclaim in 2018. The Western epic has stunning visuals, great voice acting and character performances, and a story many gamers will always remember. Rockstar had followed up its release of Grand Theft Auto V with GTA Online, and did the same with Red Dead Online, which opened RDR2's world up to multiplayer adventures. However, it seems that Red Dead Online players are getting increasingly impatient with Rockstar over the developer's continuing updates.


Red Dead Online just got a new patch that introduced more horse races into the game. These eight new activities allow players to challenge each other in new environments, "including Point-to-Point, Lap, and Open variants of classic Races as well as Target Races". However, as Comicbook spotted, fans are unhappy with the lack of content the game has been receiving - and adding a small amount of race-specific content, like this, has only exacerbated their frustrations.

Here are some of the funniest moments we've seen in Red Dead...



Rockstar's tweet announcing the new horse races received quite a bit of backlash from players. One response says: "Give us something we deserve [rather] than piss poor updates! I am rank 337 in RDO and I am wanting to do more with story, something larger to do online! With what you guys have been doing to RDO makes me not want to play as much. Make it worth picking up again!"

Many other fans of the game sent meme responses, mostly about Rockstar not caring about the players, or emphasising gamers' disdain that they're not receiving content that they're interested in.

It's worth reminding everyone that there is a big update to the game on the way. With the announcement of GTA V's next-gen update came news of RDO's own summer update which "will add a diverse array of new missions across the world for those looking to step into the criminal underworld". It sounds a lot more exciting than the races, and hopefully lives up to expectations.

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