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Arthur Morgan Alarm Clock Tells You To Get Out Of Bed "You Lazy B*stard"


Arthur Morgan Alarm Clock Tells You To Get Out Of Bed "You Lazy B*stard"

Red Dead Redemption 2, what a game. A story that reached through generations to bring players of all walks of life together, trailing the successes and the tragedies of the Van der Linde gang. As Arthur Morgan, we explored the rugged heartland of the American West, soaking in whatever time we had left in this moment that burned too brightly. What better way, then, to honour that glorious journey than with an alarm clock message from Arthur calling you a "lazy b*stard."


Well, it's not really Arthur. It's a clip of actor Roger Clark, who's in character as the cowboy. On Cameo, customers purchase personalised shout outs from all sorts of celebrities, like Alfonso Ribeiro, Tony Hawk, Kristian Nairn, Ice T, LeAnn Rimes, the list goes on and on and on. "Cameo's mission is to enable the most personalised and authentic fan connections on earth," read the official website, and if that's a wake-up call from a disgruntled video game character, then that absolutely counts. The original video comes from The_Lord_Humungus on Reddit, and Clarke starts yelling his name as Arthur in mild irritation. Imagine he's trying to get a rebellious recruit to shift themselves so that the group is able to set off at morning light, and it's like you're practically there in New Hanover.


"What the hell is wrong with you?! Get out of bed you lazy b*stard," admonishes Morgan/Clarke. "You remind me of Uncle - don't be coming out with that lumbago crap again, I ain't having it!" The best part of this clip is how much fun the actor is evidently having while recording the video in his house. His neighbours must have been bemused by the booming accent of a oldey-timey cowboy through their walls... or perhaps they're used to it. He has got nearly 900 reviews on Cameo, after all. "Get out of bed! Before I pull my six-shooter and get you out myself! Whether you be alive or dead, it don't make much difference to me," he exclaims.


Incredible stuff. You can download the audio for yourself here as an MP3. Earlier this year, we had the pleasure of sharing a "lockdown letter" from the actor as he reflected on how to maintain motivation and look out for his family's well-being in an extremely volatile year. It's great when the good eggs in video games turn out to be good eggs in real life, too.

Featured Image Credit: Roger Clarke via Cameo, Rockstar Games

Topics: News, Red Dead Redemption

Imogen Donovan
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