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‘Resident Evil 4’ Merchant Lives On Through ‘Village’ Easter Egg


‘Resident Evil 4’ Merchant Lives On Through ‘Village’ Easter Egg

The Merchant is one of the most mysterious characters to show their (masked) face in Resident Evil, and fans will be delighted to learn that Village pays tribute to the salesman in the upcoming game.


When Ethan is whisked away to this snowy hamlet somewhere in Eastern Europe, he'll be hunted by all manner of mythological creatures like vampires, werewolves, witches, ogres, and creepy little dolls. The village itself has been abandoned by its population as the monsters encroach from the forest, and the player will scavenge what's left in this haunting open world to get the edge over these enemies. However, you won't be stuck scrabbling on the floor for ammo because there's a friendly(ish) face to be found. Travelling in a luxurious caravan, The Duke will sell weapons, ammo, healing items, and additional inventory space to Ethan, and even upgrade weapon capabilities. If you're still on the fence about whether this new turn for the series is for you, then we've got a preview video where we talk about the gameplay, characters, and combat in Resident Evil Village.


The Duke will be a boon to players, especially those playing on higher difficulties, as they explore the world and try not to be mauled by the beasts that are baying for Ethan's blood. Occasionally, characters like these are relegated to the sidelines as their function in the game overshadows their personality. A shame, really, when you think of the artistic effort that goes into integrating them with the world. Well, we can say for sure that this won't occur in Village, as this Easter egg connects the newest game with one of its predecessors. In the demo that was available over the weekend, gtageek2k2 on Reddit noticed a line of The Duke's that riffs off The Merchant of Resident Evil 4. "What're ya buying?" asks the character in a gravelly voice when the player interacts with his shop. "Just something an old friend of mine used to say."


Though evidently affected by the Plagas parasite, The Merchant is very content to ally with Leon Kennedy and sell him the weapons that would mow down the remainder of the villagers. He had also set up a shooting range in the castle and scattered medallions about the settlement, promising that the person who shoots them all would win a weapon. Considering that the other people that are infected lost their minds and developed an insatiable bloodlust, The Merchant is an oddity. The prevailing theory is that he is aware that he doesn't have long left and dedicates what little time he does have to aiding Leon's efforts against Osmund Saddler. Therefore, to know that he might have made it out of Spain and did business with The Duke, perhaps even bestowing his inventory and teaching him entrepreneurialism is heartwarming, in a way.

Featured Image Credit: Capcom

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Imogen Donovan
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