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There's An "Extra Thicc" Lady Dimitrescu Mod Now, Because You're All Too Damn Horny

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There's An "Extra Thicc" Lady Dimitrescu Mod Now, Because You're All Too Damn Horny

Now that most of us have finally played the excellent Resident Evil Village, I'm sure we were all shocked and more than a little disappointed to discover the vampiric Lady Dimitrescu didn't have that big of a role to play.


Our encounter with Dimitrescu and her three daughters is pretty much wrapped up within the first few hours of the game - half that if you know where you're going and what to do. This came as a blow to the large community of fans who sprang up around the Dimitrescu-focused marketing of Resident Evil Village with a world-ending thirst for the vampire.

Take a look at some of the strangest Resident Evil mods below!



There have, of course, already been a large number of mods for Resident Evil Village on PC. As you can see above, they range from the ridiculous to the downright terrifying. There have also been a few... how do I put this delicately? Massively horny mods for players who have the hots for Dimitrescu. Classily put, if I do say so myself.

Earlier this month a mod surfaced that rendered Dimitrescu completely nude in a way that implied vampires were immune to gravity as well as old age. I said at the time this would be the first of many thirsty mods for the game, and I was right. There's a new mod on the scene for the good lady that leaves a little more to the imagination... but not much.


The "Extra Thicc" mod (I am so sorry for that name) basically puts Dimitrescu in some lacey lingerie with suspenders and stockings. That's it. That's the mod. I don't need to tell you why certain people would want that. This is a paid mod that was created by Marcus RC, and you can find a link to it right here. If you just want to watch a video of it in action, you can head here.

Featured Image Credit: Capcom

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Ewan Moore
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