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'Resident Evil Village' Has A Brilliant 'Hot Fuzz' Easter Egg


'Resident Evil Village' Has A Brilliant 'Hot Fuzz' Easter Egg

In his review, Mark mentioned that Resident Evil Village is a monster mish-mash of influences from within its own history and other games, like Devil May Cry, Silent Hill, and even Call Of Duty. What we didn't expect, however, is an Easter egg that refers to... Hot Fuzz.


Hot Fuzz is an action-comedy film that follows an exceptional London Met officer, Nicholas Angel, who is then assigned to a sleepy village in Gloucestershire because his colleagues are sick of his success. The latest entry in the classic survival horror series, Resident Evil Village, continues the story of Ethan Winters who must rescue his infant daughter from a cult who would use her for their own nefarious ends. From those descriptions alone, it's unlikely that you'd find common ground between the two. However, a writer appears to have craftily wrangled a reference to the film in the name of one of the many treasures you may loot from the village and its surrounding areas.

Resident Evil Village features creatures like werewolves, vampires, witches, mermen, and even a creepy ventriloquist doll with a chip on its shoulder. Though they are formidable foes, the scariest part of the game is in fact one of the quietest. Take a tour of House Beneviento below, if you dare.



Travel to the south west corner of the map in Village, and you'll see Otto's Mill. Break into the building and there's a hulking Uriaș Drac in the corner. Defeat them (a tip is to use the explosive barrels left lying around to your advantage) and then explore the rest of the mill for the Cannibal's Plunder. It's in a wooden chest on a table with flowers and paintings of Mother Miranda and the Cadou symbol. The treasure itself is called "Father Nichola's Angel"... which is the same name as the police officer in Hot Fuzz.

If you're convinced it's a mere coincidence, then let's sit down for a geography lesson. Village is set somewhere in Romania, and the characters have Romanian names like Daniela, Bela, Luiza, and so on. Note how the writer hasn't opted for the Romanian form of Nicholas here, which would be Nicolae, Neculai, Nicu, or Nicușor. It's difficult to deny the connection, and even if it isn't purposeful, it's an amusing thought to entertain. Now, if the Duke sold Cornettos at his shop, I wonder what buffs they would give Ethan.

Featured Image Credit: Capcom, Universal Pictures

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Imogen Donovan
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