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Rosario Dawson Shows The Full Ahsoka Tano Make-up Routine


Rosario Dawson Shows The Full Ahsoka Tano Make-up Routine

The Star Wars universe isn't only impressive because of the incredible world-building, interesting characters, and epic fights - it's also impressive because it brings intricate sci-fi concepts to life. Aliens are here, there, and everywhere and when you're watching something like Star Wars: The Clone Wars you think Ahsoka Tano could never look as good in a live-action series as she does in an animat- oh wait The Mandalorian pulled it off? Now that's cool.


Rosario Dawson, who plays the legendary Ahsoka Tano has shown off the process it takes to bring the Jedi to life with a time-lapsed video of her in the makeup chair. And we're somewhat surprised at some details from the video.

The first is that Rosario's skin tone is only made a little more orange to match Ahsoka which helps make the character look as close to reality as possible. Secondly, the white marking's on Ahsoka's face are airbrushed on. A plastic mould is held up to Dawson's face with the correct cut-outs so the markings are perfect every time.


And finally, the headpiece for Ahsoka is pretty magnificent. The tentacle-like 'lekku', which is found on the Star Wars race Togruta, looks just as incredible in this short phone video as it looks in the show. That piece of Ahsoka's design is certainly the most difficult part of bringing the character to life so it's so intriguing seeing it placed on Dawson so easily.

Ahsoka Tano appears in Disney Plus's The Mandalorian which has been a massive success. Tano's role as a free agent in the Star Wars universe means she's unlike many saber-wielding characters you'd know from the sci-fi universe which is why we're so excited to see what becomes of the character when we see her in her own series somewhere down the line.

Featured Image Credit: Disney / Rosario Dawson (via Twitter)

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Imogen Mellor
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