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'Silent Hill 2' Art Director Working On A Mysterious New Project

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'Silent Hill 2' Art Director Working On A Mysterious New Project

Masahiro Ito, one of the chief creative forces behind Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3, has revealed that he's currently hard at work on a mysterious new game.

In a tweet, Ito offered the briefest of teases. He confirmed that he's working on a new title and that he's a core member of development. Unfortunately, he offered no further clues, beyond stating that he hopes the project doesn't cancelled.

Ito was involved in the original 1999 Silent Hill as a background and monster designer before taking on the role of art director for the two sequels. Under his guidance, the deeply unsettling nightmare world of Silent Hill 2 took on the timeless aesthetic that we all know and fear today. More recently, Ito worked on 2018's Metal Gear Survive as a creature designer... but the less said about that one the better.

Although to be fair to Ito, the monsters in Metal Gear Survive did look suitably creepy... even if the rest of the game was a hot mess.


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The cynic in me does wonder whether Ito's little aside about that hoping the game doesn't get cancelled is a hint/dig that he's working with Konami on this unannounced project. After all, Konami infamously canned Hideo Kojima's Silent Hills. Could it be that Ito is trying to tell us that he's working with Konami on some form of Silent Hill revival? Or perhaps he's simply nodding to the fate of Kojima's aborted project.

Then again, hoping that a project you're working on doesn't get cancelled is a fairly normal thing to do, and not necessarily specific to Konami. It's more likely that his tweet was supposed to be taken at face value, and not as some cryptic tease or dig at Konami. There's also the fact that his Twitter bio currently states that he's a freelancer, and is no longer with Konami, at least in a full-time capacity.

Where Ito is at and what he's working on will remain a mystery for now, then. Hopefully we should learn more soon. I'd personally love to see Ito return to the horror genre - perhaps even in partnership with Hideo Kojima, who said recently that he was gearing up to make a horror game now that he's done with Death Stranding.

P.T. Remade On PC
P.T. Remade On PC

Certainly, nothing would please fans desperate for a new Silent Hill more than the man responsible for P.T. and what would have been Silent Hills teaming up with one of the men behind Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3. Even if it couldn't be a Silent Hill game for legal reasons, I'd wager the two could make something special. But I'm simply dreaming. We'll just have to wait and see exactly what Ito is working on.

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