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Silent Hill Composer Teases Game That 'People Have Been Hoping For'

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Silent Hill Composer Teases Game That 'People Have Been Hoping For'

Akira Yamaoka is the celebrated composer behind the soundtracks to Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2 and many more entries in the survival-horror series - a series without an entry since 2012's Book of Memories, assuming we discount 2014's P.T. (pictured, main), which was a teaser for the cancelled Silent Hills.


Fans of the franchise have been eager for a new game for ages, and while there were several rumours regarding an announcement of the next Silent Hill in 2020, including from publisher Konami itself, none of them came to anything. Well, except that weird Dead By Daylight crossover, that nobody wanted.


But now, Yamaoka might just have let slip that something substantial is coming our way - something fans of Silent Hill have been desperate for. Al Hub conducted an interview with the composer, in which he said that his next project was one that "people have been hoping to hear about", and that it'd be announced in the summer.


Of course, every summer in games means both E3 and Gamescom, ideal events for the full reveal of new projects. Now, Yamaoka has been busy with other work since his last Silent Hill soundtrack - he scored 2021's The Medium, which we really didn't like, and has been involved with the World of Tanks series. So his little tease, alone, doesn't mean it's definitely Silent Hill related. But what happened next is what has us suspicious.

Silent Hill Homecoming / Credit: Konami
Silent Hill Homecoming / Credit: Konami

As PSU reports, the Al Hub interview has been taken offline, after word spread that Yamaoka had perhaps said something he shouldn't have. Click the link where it's supposed to be, and it's 404 city. The Al Hub released a statement, which reads:


"We thank you for your support which contributed to the spread of the interview that we published yesterday with Akira Yamaoka around the world. We were asked to remove the clip, and it has been removed. We apologize, and stay tuned for the next interviews."

I'm not totally sure why they need to apologise here - unless, perhaps, they mistranslated Yamaoka's comments. But if that was the case, surely that would have been said? More likely, I reckon, is that Silent Hill's publisher, Konami, have asked politely that the interview be withdrawn. It's what I'd have done. A gentle, understanding email, pow, gone. N

Odds on a new Silent Hill being officially revealed really soon, then? So low, I wouldn't go near it with someone else's money. In related news, why not click to silenthill.com for a memes-related laugh.

Featured Image Credit: Konami

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Mike Diver
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