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'Skyrim' Just Got An Unreal Engine 5 Upgrade, And It Looks Astounding

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'Skyrim' Just Got An Unreal Engine 5 Upgrade, And It Looks Astounding

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a damn fine game, but there's no getting around the fact that it's starting to look a bit rough around the edges. There are plenty of mods out there that can boost visuals and performance until the 2011 RPG looks like a completely different game, but how much better would it look if it was running in a completely new engine?


As it turns out, pretty damn good. First spotted by TweakTown, artist Chris. G has been busy reimagining Skyrim in Unreal Engine 5 - with absolutely astounding results. Using the all-powerful new engine, Chris was able to leverage UE5's flexible new tools and features to put together a stunning render of one of Skyrim's many watchtowers.

Take a look for yourself below!


"This is just a test I made over the last few days using some of my preexisting materials to see how well they would work with Unreal Engine 5 using nanite," Chris explained over on Artstation. "All the assets were made very simply by creating primitives and using displacement maps to add the details. Most of the assets are a million plus tris and the tower itself is around 11 million.

"Having said that, the entire scene never went over 2 million tris in view at a time according to the nanite stats. The only assets not made by me are the landscape material used in the distance and the pine trees. Using DLSS quality mode I was able to get a solid 70ish fps with a few dips into the low 60s mainly when looking at the trees."

If The Elder Scrolls VI ends up looking half as good as this, we're in for a treat. Of course Bethesda has confirmed that the in-development sequel will not be using Unreal Engine 5, but the Creation Engine 2. This is a dramatically overhauled version of the original Creation Engine that Bethesda uses for all of its titles. We've already seen a brief tease of what this new engine can do thanks to the Starfield trailer, but there's so much yet to see. Until then, you can find me drooling over Unreal Engine 5 demos.


Featured Image Credit: Chris G/Bethesda

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Ewan Moore
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