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A 'Skyrim' Player Has Killed Every Single NPC And Animal In The Game


A 'Skyrim' Player Has Killed Every Single NPC And Animal In The Game

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is very much a comfort game, like plating up a warm slice of cherry pie on a rainy day. Its a wondrous world with bustling towns, beautiful waterfalls and mountains, mysterious caverns and fantastical wildlife - you'd easily lose hours and hours to its adventures. However, I'd imagine it's much, much, much quieter when every single NPC and animal has been cut down by the Dragonborn. Which is what this very... dedicated player has done.


"It is finished," said jaeinskyrim on Reddit. "2201 people/NPCs, plus over 2400 more various creatures. All gone. I am alone in Skyrim." They've shared photos of their character posing with their quarries littering the ground, as an imperious (and stylish) angel of death that has wreaked their vengeance on this realm. In fact, jaeinskyrim has been chronicling their journey since the start, and they took up the sword about a month ago on their "tour of destruction." To have eradicated all life from Skyrim in that amount of time is impressive, so here's hoping that they don't use their talent for chaos for other purposes.

"I am based on a real-life person," explained jaeinskyrim when they announced their quest. "My dorky husband thought it would be fun to create his wife (me) as a Skyrim character, and then take me on a tour of rampage and mayhem through this fantasy land. No one is safe; no one is spared - everything and everyone will fall under my blade. There are no quests, no collecting items, and no achievements. Only complete and total destruction. This is my story!" And, the reason why the player opted for this style of playthrough? Well, it happened to be a collective decision: "I think I spontaneously said at the dinner table 'hey kids, how about I make mom into a Skyrim character that immediately kills everything in her path?' They were on board, even their mom."


In completing this quest, the player must have had to endure gruelling encounters with Miraak and Orchendor as well as being meticulous enough to ensure that every single living thing has met its end. Even if the end result is morbid, you've got to applaud their commitment to the cause. Their approach was to use "an insanely overpowered mod sword that drained life energy" so that foes didn't stand a chance against the character. However, there is one being that was spared by jaeinskyrim, and you could probably guess who it is. "Paarthurnax deserved better than that," they explained. "He lives. However, He does leave me alone." I don't blame him.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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Imogen Donovan
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