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This 'Skyrim' Visual Overhaul Is What We Want To See On New-Gen Consoles


This 'Skyrim' Visual Overhaul Is What We Want To See On New-Gen Consoles

I'm not sure if there is a world record for it, but I would bet money on Skyrim being the most heavily modded game of all time. The Bethesda title has seen a whole manner of alterations made by the official devs and fans over the years. Sometimes they're just memes, but other times they're impressive improvements to spells, quests, graphics, or environments. And in this case, mods focusing on the grass and foliage of Skyrim is absolutely what we want to see achieved on new-gen consoles.


As GameRant reports, the mods Origins of Forest - 3D Forest Grass and The Jedi Trees on NexusMods has done incredible things to the environment of Skyrim. Rather than just looking at some low-res polygons which we call grass, these two mods in combination bring the wilderness of Skyrim to life, making it all feel far more like a medieval forest.

If you're looking to get away for a holiday, sunny Skyrim might just be for you...



A YouTube video on the NexusMods page has demonstrated the incredible feat these two mods can accomplish when combined within VR. Though Skyrim's world is still pretty incredible when it's in a vanilla version of the game, enhancing it with these mods make the environment truly magical. We can imagine walking through this forest ourselves, if we could just be bothered to go outside - but that's not happening is it?

Other YouTubers have taken these mods further with enhancements they've added, to make them almost unbelievable in scope. Finemanaf shows their combination of mods including Origins of Forest in this other clip, which just blows our mind. And it's exactly what we want to see from Bethesda when they release Skyrim once again.


There have been so many mods, so many changes, and so many comments from the Elder Scrolls community over the years that you'd think perhaps Bethesda has been listening and learning from what they've seen. Perhaps visual enhancements like these have been taken into consideration and the final Skyrim Anniversary Edition will reflect that. That's what we hope at least.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda / Firemanaf

Topics: Skyrim, Bethesda

Imogen Mellor
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