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Microsoft’s Gaming Profits Have Been Revealed In Leaked Court Document

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Microsoft’s Gaming Profits Have Been Revealed In Leaked Court Document

As the Apple and Epic Games trial rages on, a leaked document has spotlighted how much money Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo make, and the results are intriguing.


Let's get a refresher on how this lawsuit has progressed to ensure everyone's appraised of the consequences. This debacle started in August 2020 and is continuing to be deliberated in the courtroom. Epic Games integrated its own payment system into the mobile version of Fortnite, thereby circumnavigating the 30% cut that Apple takes from all digital purchases on its platform. Expectedly, this irritated Apple and it decided to terminate Epic Games' developer accounts, which is a long way of saying that it booted Fortnite from the App Store. Epic Games, somehow stunned that it had been caught out violating the terms of its agreement with the other company, then initiated a "#FreeFortnite" movement, eventually leading to this legal argy-bargy between the two.

Released in 1989, the Game Boy is the third most successful console ever made, and without it, Nintendo definitely wouldn't be where it is today. Check out our handy-dandy video all about the Game Boy below.



This document which has come from the trial sheds a little light on the profits that the big three are generating from their gaming software and hardware sales. It's been written and published by Microsoft, and therefore has its own statistics hidden with large "Redacted" bars over the words. However, as industry analyst Daniel Ahmad pointed out, you are able to actually work out how much Microsoft makes in this area compared to the other two. Well, they tried.

At the top of the heap, Tencent is of course the company with the highest profits from gaming sales, boasting $6.3 billion in 2019. In that same period, Apple made $5.2 billion, Sony raked in $4.1 billion, Google walked away with $3.2 billion, Netease got $2.4 billion, and Nintendo generated $2.3 billion. Interestingly, Microsoft makes the least of the trio, with $2.2 billion, but it bears repeating that it's not too far away from Nintendo. The remainder of the top ten include Activision Blizzard ($1.6 billion), EA ($1.2 billion), and Epic Games ($1.0 billion).

Furthermore, these are not the final figures as losses must be subtracted from them to gain a proper picture of how the company has performed over that year. The most pertinent part to the trial is the disparity between Apple and Epic Games, and mobile gaming is an absolute behemoth in comparison to console and PC.

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