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Speedrunners Are Destroying First 'Hitman 3' Level In Nine Seconds

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Speedrunners Are Destroying First 'Hitman 3' Level In Nine Seconds

There is something about the Hitman series that just hits different you know? Where other games excel in drawing out a story and side missions in a long linear fashion, Hitman throws levels at you that seem to be endlessly replayable. You can achieve your objectives in countless ways - from stealthy assassinations to going in guns blazing. It's really up to you, and for speedrunners, that means completing the first Hitman 3 level in nine seconds. Incredible.


The way Hitman levels are set up is that you're dropped into a sandbox where your targets are milling around, going about their criminal mastermind business like any other day. This ordinarily means you have to find a way to get in a secure room with them, sabotage equipment to make everyday object deadly, and more. And so because the game is so open in its opportunity to kill your targets, it's perfect for speedrunners to mess with.


It seems that when you start the very first level of Hitman 3 both targets are within pistol distance. The order of events goes something like this. Shoot once in the vague direction of the first target Marcus Stuyvesant who looks over, slightly curious. Climb the staircase just a little until the top of his head is barely visible and shoot him. Immediately look above you where the second target Carl Ingram will be leant over the balcony and also headshot him. Run back to the exit you just came through and boom, that's a world-record baby.


Here you can see the example run from Nodnarb Game on YouTube, spotted by PC Gamer. It's incredibly impressive.

It's so silly and impressive at the same time. Speedrunning is always an incredible spectacle, but a level that normally takes, perhaps, up to an hour in under ten seconds is just laughable. Oh also, we highly recommend Hitman 3. It's more of the same Hitman we know and love, and as we've already said, it's highly replayable no matter if you're the type to love a gunfight or a sneaky approach.

Featured Image Credit: IO Interactive / Nodnarb Games (via YouTube)

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