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Amazing Mandalorian Cosplay Celebrates May 4th In The Best Way

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Amazing Mandalorian Cosplay Celebrates May 4th In The Best Way

The Star Wars community are absolutely stunned at this cosplayer's efforts to embody the iconic bounty hunter from The Mandalorian, and it turns out that her painting process is quite a quirky one.


Polish cosplayer Star Nacho had been working on their Din Djarin armour for some time, and the results truly speak for themselves. The pieces are made of EVA foam, a material favoured by countless cosplayers as it is lightweight, cheap, easily cut and carved, and may even be transformed by heat to get the exact shape required. This is how Star Nacho is able to get those gauntlets just right, as well as the indent in the centre of the chestpiece. Then, while the belt and bandolier is likely to be made of leather and the "under armour" is a pair of black trousers and layered tops, the helmet was in fact a gift to the cosplayer. It'd be remiss to just have Djarin's helmet and not go all out, if you've got the creativity, time, and talent to do so, and the community is seriously impressed with the whole cosplay.

Now, this will be the envy of thousands of cosplayers out there. Disney has been working on a functional lightsaber prototype which will be on show in the Galactic Starcruiser attraction at Walt Disney World. Take a look at it in action below.



Inquisitive commenters praised their work and wanted to know how they'd gone about building and painting the armour. Star Nacho revealed that their approach involves painting the pieces silver "with an old sock and shaded with airbrush." When questioned why they use a sock, they explained: "I like it for distributing metallics but have 0 professional arguments for using a sock vs virtually anything else." Fair dos. "That is one of the most badass fan created suits of armor I've ever seen. I can't believe it's not Beskar!" exclaimed another. Also, I simply have to share this slam dunk, after someone said, "Das a whole lot of makeup to be putting under a mask." The cosplayer eloquently replied with "2020&2021 summarized lol." Are they wrong though? Are they wrong.


Star Nacho doesn't only specialise in Star Wars cosplays - in fact, they seem to be a big fan of the sci-fi genre. They've cosplayed as Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect 2, and they've been working on an armour set with LED lights for a Commander Shepard cosplay. If you're thinking about dipping your toes into the hobby, then Star Nacho uploads videos of their exploits onto their YouTube channel here.

Featured Image Credit: Star Nacho via Reddit, Disney

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Imogen Donovan
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