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Star Wars Fan Creates Truly Unsettling Life-Size Darth Sidious Model


Star Wars Fan Creates Truly Unsettling Life-Size Darth Sidious Model

Filed under "the worst interior design choices I've ever seen," this Star Wars fan decided to create a life-size Darth Sidious to adorn their humble abode with. And it is horrendous.


Oh, you shouldn't tell someone else how to live their life. If a life-size replica of one of the biggest baddies in pop culture brightens their day, then that's just dandy.

Except it's not. Goodness gracious. How do you start to explain what that is to a flame that you've taken home for the evening? And it's staring. Always staring. I've got to applaud Reddit user ShameUntamed for their work though because it creeps me out as much as the character does in the movies.

Check out the newest trailer for Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga below!



"My god... Such meme potential, we need pictures of it vacuuming, cooking, creeping on you through a crack in the door, etc," asked munkinugget. "You know when people say 'I wouldn't want to find this in a dark alley'? I'd rather find this in a dark alley because at least I wouldn't be able to see this terrifying face," countered ViniciusMT07.


And, ShameUntamed hasn't explained how this life-size replica of Darth Sidious came to be, which is exactly what J. J. Abrams did in The Rise of Skywalker. So it's on brand.

In other news, rumours are running rampant that there is a new Star Wars game in development at French studio Quantic Dream. Known for determinant storylines and a cinematic visual approach, the studio used to be in cahoots with Sony for a three game agreement on the PlayStation - Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human.

As this arrangement is now over, Quantic Dream is as free as a bird to pursue other opportunities and seems to have found success with Disney. However, Quantic Dream has been criticised for cultivating a toxic culture in its offices where photos of employees would be edited to make them look like Nazis or porn stars.

Featured Image Credit: Disney

Topics: Star Wars, Disney

Imogen Donovan
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