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Ubisoft's Upcoming Star Wars Game Has Been Dealt A Huge Blow


Ubisoft's Upcoming Star Wars Game Has Been Dealt A Huge Blow

Massive Entertainment, the developer of the next Star Wars game coming out of Ubisoft, has bid farewell to its managing director as he transitions to a "new strategic role."


After LucasArts shut down, Electronic Arts possessed the exclusive rights to develop titles based on the Star Wars franchise - hence how we got Battlefront, Battlefront II,Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order,Star Wars Squadrons, and the sadly cancelled Project Ragtag. However, this arrangement is set to expire in 2023, and earlier this year, Lucasfilm brought back the Lucasfilm Games label to become the licensing brand for all IP from the Lucasfilm production. As a result, Disney and Lucasfilm were able to check out which studios they'd like to take the reins on an avant-garde Star Wars title, and Ubisoft fit the bill. Intriguingly, it was the progress made on the upcoming Avatar game that swayed Disney and Lucasfilm to Ubisoft's side, as well as Massive Entertainment's pitch for a new adventure in the universe of the space opera. "There was such alignment and such creative passion around the Star Wars IP from that team that it just was a natural evolution to the relationship, and really led to the Star Wars game we announced not too long ago," explained Sean Shoptaw, senior vice president of Walt Disney Games.

The Star Wars game I'm most excited for is yet to be released! Yes, every day that passes without LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is dark, depressing and full of despair. Still, chin up - it's on its way to PC and consoles this year. Check out the trailer here.



Not a lot is known about Massive Entertainment's game about laser swords and magical powers, however, we do know that its development course is likely to change following the departure of one of its senior members of staff. At the start of next month, managing director David Polfeldt will be stepping down from his role, undertaking a sabbatical for six months, then returning to the company starting in an undisclosed position. "Seventeen years ago I joined a small Malmö-based indie-studio in a role that the founder defined as 'Mister FixIt'," said Polfeldt in his statement. "Little did I know what a roller-coaster adventure it would become!"

"When we signed Star Wars, and finally completed our beautiful building Eden in 2020, I felt an overwhelming sense of completion, as if I had achieved everything I once dreamt of. Standing on the solid foundation of The Division, Avatar, Snowdrop, and Ubisoft Connect, the studio is in fantastic shape, and I am exceptionally grateful for what we have accomplished together. Before I embark on a new adventure in Ubisoft, I will try something else which is new and exciting to me: a long break! Wish me luck, and see you in 2022," said Polfeldt. A new managing director has already been appointed, though the announcement will arrive "at a later date," according to Ubisoft.

Featured Image Credit: Disney, EA

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Imogen Donovan
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