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Streamers Attempt To Beat Pokémon Emerald With Only 1HP Pokémon


Streamers Attempt To Beat Pokémon Emerald With Only 1HP Pokémon

These two streamers set themselves the ultimate challenge: they tried to complete Pokémon Emerald with only a Shedinja, the Bug and Ghost Pokémon that has only one hit point.


Introduced in Generation 3, Shedinja appears after Nincada evolves into Ninjask at level 20, but the player must have an empty spot in their party and a Pokéball in their backpack. It's the shed skin of Nincada, possessed by some sort of spirit. As its form is so fragile, it has only one hit point, and rather rubbish stats for its other attributes, but it has a unique Ability. Wonder Guard protects Shedinja from all direct attacks unless they are supereffective moves, so Fire, Flying, Rock, Ghost and Dark moves will damage the Pokémon. However, only one hit will be enough to take out Shedinja, so streamers MandJTVPlays and PokeMEN7_Plays were quaking in their boots as soon as their Pokémon Emerald journey started.

Both of their Shedinjas were identical, and had the moveset Fury Swipes, Confuse Ray, Shadow Ball, and Silver Wind. Their ground rules were that they had to complete and not run away from wild battles, but they were permitted to skip Trainers. Yet, skipping Gyms brings the player closer to higher-level Pokémon, so it was a risk that neither MandJTVPlays and PokeMEN7_Plays were particularly amped about taking. The former opted to battle Gyms as they arrived on their adventures, whereas the latter did the opposite. Silver Wind does have a 10% chance of increasing the Shedinja's Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed by one stage, so this did let the streamers boost their Speed stat which was very important for being victorious in battle.



The Shedinjas had three chances, and once they had fainted three times, the dream would be over. MandJTVPlays lost a "life" to a Tentacruel that confused their Shedinja, and was down to one "life" left after a Whismur used the Astonish move, gaining that elusive supereffective hit. PokeMEN7_Plays survived for much longer with all three "lives," until encountering a Numel with Overheat. The tension in every battle is palpable, and the duo chuckle nervously like they know their luck is about to disappear. The Shedinjas put in an astonishing shift over the four hour run, but unfortunately, they're not cut out for an adventure like this. MandJTVPlays ended their journey with the battle at Lavaridge Gym, meaning PokeMEN7_Plays was the winner.

Still, Pokémon players outdo each other every day, it seems. Only this week was the world's biggest Pokémon card revealed, and a Pokémon Go player was fined £200 for flouting lockdown rules to look for the cutesy critters.

Featured Image Credit: Game Freak, The Pokemon Company

Topics: Pokemon, News

Imogen Donovan
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