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Streamer Destroys Pokémon Card Pack For Banter, Ends Up Wrecking Shiny Charizard


Streamer Destroys Pokémon Card Pack For Banter, Ends Up Wrecking Shiny Charizard

Anguish. Despair. Shame. The big three are all here, in this story about a streamer who crumpled up a pack of Pokémon cards before discovering that it held a Shiny Charizard card.


Like it or not, we've done things that we instantly regret. Joking about a grade on an assignment, then realising that your pal got that mark. Boasting of your skills on a skateboard and immediately getting a face full of gravel. Taking a phone off a stranger to snap a photo for them, but fumbling and dropping it screen-side down onto the pavement. Being offered a complimentary gift at the checkouts and telling the cashier to give it to someone who cares. You didn't mean it that way! Yet. You want to eat your words as soon as they tumble out of your mouth, and you're scanning the surroundings for a big red button that opens the earth beneath you so it can swallow you whole.

Daithi De Nogla, the streamer in question, was opening Pokémon cards on a stream and invited viewers to donate $50 for him to screw up the cards before he unwrapped the pack. Wildcat, a friend of the streamer, selected a Shining Fates pack with Corviknight on the cover and Daithi got to business. "This is bent as sh*t, boys!" exclaimed Daithi, after rending and twisting the set with vigour. "Oh my God, it looks a little mangled," said Wildcat once the pack was open. "I don't see a crease though." To prove it, Daithi folded the cards once more, bringing it close to the camera, readjusting his hands as he moved away. In doing so, the pack revealed what we would never hope to see in this situation. A Shiny Charizard VMAX card at the back.


Upon his realisation, Daithi swore extremely loudly, then collected himself to leaf through the remaining cards, and then screamed once more when the extent of the damage was seen. The decibels of his horror were simply off the scale. He had gained $50, but at an enormous cost. Charizard cards are one of the most sought after in the Pokémon Trading Card Game, and depending on their rarity, fetch prices upwards of $600,000. Fortunately, it seems Daithi sees the funny side of the situation, and pretends to cry to his partner about what's happened.

Featured Image Credit: The Pokemon Company, Daithi De Nogla

Topics: Pokemon, News

Imogen Donovan
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