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'Black Ops Cold War' Zombies Player Reaches Round 1000 Live On Stream


'Black Ops Cold War' Zombies Player Reaches Round 1000 Live On Stream

Survival modes in games are great fun. In part, because you know there is no 'winning'. Send in wave after wave after wave of terrifying beasts and eventually, you're going to fall. But if there was a way to win Black Ops Cold War's zombies mode, this streamer might have just achieved it.


Spotted by GameRant, this Call of Duty Zombies fan managed to make it all the way to round 1000 in the Outbreak mode which, as far as we know, is a world first. InsomniaVirus spent 13 days in game achieving this feat. Carefully executing enemy after enemy to try and see if the game could even handle getting to round 1000. And the answer is yes, even though the streamer had to leave his machine running for days, round 1000 and 1001 exist in Outbreak but it's not easy to get there.

We're not sure we could ever make it to level 100 in Outbreak, let alone 1000 - so instead we'll just be here laughing at some of our favourite wins and fails CoD players have achieved:



InsomniaVirus found a rigorous rhythm when trying to get through these levels - completing all of Outbreak's objectives several times over. Where other players fail and falter with bosses or get overwhelmed by tonnes of enemies, the streamer seems to have no issue with taking them out. Each boss, each situation, he seemed to have the perfect solution to; utilizing his gear effortlessly. After perfecting the art of the zombie killing, it seemed the biggest issue was making sure the software didn't crash and he had the patience to get all the way to level 1000.

InsomniaVirus had been working towards getting further and further into the levels in previous seasons of the game. He reached round 351 in Season 1 and then round 476 in Season 2 before taking on the challenge to get all the way into four digits, and finally, he made it to 1000 to the amazement of his audience and even users on Reddit.


"Good god. I stop after 5 or 10 rounds, and that takes me 2.5 hours. What a mad lad" says user R_Ashcraft. Acrunch adds "Congrats to him, after 13 days of grinding he got it, Lol it sucks though because he's playing offline so he's still level 1 for the season." And yes, unfortunately, to prevent disconnects over the time he was playing, he had to complete the task in offline mode so he didn't earn all that XP. Bit of a shame really, but he's got a world record in return so it's not all bad news.

Congrats to InsomniaVirus on the incredible feat. You can see his YouTube video getting to level 1000 here.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

Topics: News, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War

Imogen Mellor
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