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Super Rare Goku Statues Lost At Sea After Major Accident


Super Rare Goku Statues Lost At Sea After Major Accident

Following a huge storm, a collection of extremely rare Goku statues may have been lost from a container ship that was caught in the catastrophic swell.


Thankfully, the crew of the One Apus container ship were not seriously harmed in the accident, which caused the vessel to roll over owing to the colossal waves. More than 1,800 containers were dislodged from their restraints, and so approximately $200 million worth of cargo was swept into the sea. Photos of the ship prove that nature is nothing to be trifled with, and the extent of the damage done to the ship is not known at the moment.


Yet, the One Apus was holding a shipment of very rare action figures from Premium Bandai, including Figuarts Ultra Instinct Sign transformation of Dragon Ball Z's Goku. It had sold out nearly instantly when it went live, because they were intended to be convention exclusives. The conventions got cancelled due to the coronavirus crisis, and so, demand skyrocketed because the figures were suddenly available to everyone, not just those lucky enough to attend the events.

Those who had pre-ordered the sought-after collectible (for $60 each) got an email from the company to confirm that their figurines were on board that ship, and customers would still receive their statues, if not right now. "The containership that carried Bandai products was hit by severe storm and lost many containers near Hawaii," said Premium Bandai in that email. "The ship is at Port of Kobe, Japan for investigating its damages. It will take several weeks to over a month. We are currently waiting to hear about the container's status from the authority, and we'll announce any shipping information as soon as it's available."

That's not the end of the story, though. These Goku figurines are yet to be recovered, and they were sold "on a 'made-to-order' basis." The first shipment of these statues was secured without any issues, but this shipment on the One Apus was the batch that were "made-to-order." As a result, customers aren't sure whether they'll receive the Goku figure at all, because only a set number of statues were ever produced. Yikes. Additionally, figures of Android 17, 18, and the US release of Kid Gohan were apparently on board the ship and their status is not known.


Least some people have a sense of humour about it over on the action figures subreddit. Reddit user Cheddyluger has suggested a scuba dive, and sir_ultrabean077 said that the fish will have lucked out in this situation, and will have brand new decor for their fish houses. Do fish have houses? Nests? Caves? Not sure.

Featured Image Credit: Elianne Dipp, Premium Bandai, LR112001

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Imogen Donovan
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