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That 6-Year-Old Hasn’t Been Banned From 'Warzone' - It Was A Stunt


That 6-Year-Old Hasn’t Been Banned From 'Warzone' - It Was A Stunt

We've been tricked, we've been bamboozled, we've been deceived. You get the picture - we all believed that 6-year-old RowdyRogan had been banned by Activision but alas it was all an elaborate plan to go viral. Well played, Rogan, well played.


So, what happened then? Well, earlier this week we reported a story about FaZe 5 contender Rogan, a 6-year-old prodigy Warzone player getting banned by Activision. During a stream, Rogan's account showed a permaban message causing the kid to get upset and having to end the stream while fans watched in disbelief. In turn, people called on social media to #freeRogan and people discussed whether Activision was right to ban the kid.

Many people thought that Activision had banned the child because it's an 18 rated game, and the developer couldn't be seen encouraging a child to play a violent title. Others thought it might be because the accounts have a 13 and up policy. In actuality, the ban was edited in and Rogan's account is fine.


What appeared to be a live stream wasn't live at all. It was a planned set up by Rogan and his family where his mum, from another room, accessed Rogan's Activision account so he was kicked from the game. Through some editing magic by Rogan's team, it looked like he had just been banned. Rogan and his parents then streamed that short video and voila - a viral story.

So why do it? Why trick everyone into believing Rogan had been banned? Well, it's a Faze 5 challenge. FaZe clan is a massive esports organisation and earlier this year it revealed the FaZe 5 - a series of challenges which will decide 5 new members of the team. Right now there are still 20 contenders in the running, Rogan being one of them, and this stunt was the next step in getting to be part of the organisation. All FaZe asked for was a viral video, and well, Rogan and his family certainly delivered.

Featured Image Credit: RowdyRogan (YouTube) / Activision

Topics: Call of Duty: Warzone, News, Call of Duty

Imogen Mellor
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