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'The Last Of Us Part 2' Director Wants To Make A Punisher Video Game

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'The Last Of Us Part 2' Director Wants To Make A Punisher Video Game

The Last Of Us Part II is not a game for the faint of heart. While Naughty Dog's most recent effort is easily one of the best looking video games we've ever seen, full of moments of real beauty and joy, it's also quite often a relentlessly bleak descent into the most violent impulses of man.


Over the course of the adventure, we see characters beaten, bludgeoned, shot, stabbed in the neck, torn apart, and eviscerated. We see all of this in incredible detail, which can be quite hard to stomach. The upshot of this is that the people who made The Last Of Us Part II could definitely take their penchant for unflinching violence and transplant it to another well-known franchise.

Over on Twitter, The Last of Us Part II creative director Neil Druckmann touched on a few of the existing franchises he'd like to work on. There were some pretty exciting possibilities floated too: Cowboy Bebop, Hotline Miami, Ghost Ride, Half-Life... and The Punisher. While I've no doubt a man of Druckmann's talents could bring something to any one of these, The Punisher seems like one hell of a fit.


It's not just that The Last Of Us Part II and the adventures of The Punisher are blood-soaked quests for vengeance, of course. Yes, it helps that we know Druckmann can put together some really nasty scenes of shocking violence, but we should also remember that The Last Of Us Part II deals with the repercussions of mindless violence and where that kind of life gets you.

While The Punisher is great at gunning down criminals and torturing bad guys (and that would be undeniably fun to play), Frank Castle is at his best when we get to see just how much an endless cycle of death and destruction can mess a person up... making it all the more heartbreaking when it becomes impossible to end that cycle.



Who knows? If we're very lucky, Naughty Dog might actually make a video game based on The Punisher at some point in the future. In the last several months alone we've learned that IO Interactive is making a James Bond game, MachineGames is working on an Indiana Jones project, and Ubisoft is developing an open-world Star Wars title. Anything is possible these days, apparently.

Oh, and on a semi-related note, how good would Jon Bernthal (who played The Punisher in the Marvel Netflix stuff) be as Joel in HBO's The Last Of Us? Make it happen, Naughty Dog.

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