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'The Last Of Us Part 2' Players Unearth Ridiculous In-Game PlayStation 3 Tribute

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'The Last Of Us Part 2' Players Unearth Ridiculous In-Game PlayStation 3 Tribute

It turns out that when Naughty Dog was developing The Last Of Us Part II, they made sure there was at least one item in the game that could never be damaged: the PlayStation 3.


Sony's classic console shows up a few times over the course of the post-apocalyptic adventure, usually hiding away covered in dust beneath long-abandoned TVs. In this universe the world ended in 2013, after all, so nobody would've had a chance to upgrade to PlayStation 4. It also looks like nobody ever had a chance to buy an Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii either, but that's by the by. The Last Of Us is PlayStation-exclusive, after all.

But that dedication to the PlayStation brand appears to extend beyond the lack of rival consoles scattered around the world. Over on The Last of Us Subreddit, players have discovered that it's impossible to damage - or even shoot - the PlayStation 3 in any way.


Another user in replies explained that the console's immortality is most likely to do with liscensing. The Last Of Us Part II creative director Neil Druckmann previously explained during an episode of the Kinda Funny Games podcast that it was "tougher than it should have been" to include the scene in which a character is playing a PlayStation Vita. And even then, he said they "couldn't crack the screen" when it dropped.


One assumes that same level of protectiveness was extended to the PS3, hence being unable to shoot at it. The idea of an impervious console is rather at odds with the rest of The Last Of Us Part II, which prides itself on gritty realism to a fault. With that said, why would you even want to shoot at a PlayStation 3? The PlayStation 3 is great. You people are monsters.

Featured Image Credit: Naughty Dog

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