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This Creepy New Horror Game Is Inspired By Silent Hill And Resident Evil


This Creepy New Horror Game Is Inspired By Silent Hill And Resident Evil

Sometimes you don't need very much to get a powerful impression of what a new game is going to be about. Might be a few notes of music, or just one screenshot that sets your nerves on edge. Back in the pre-internet days, we'd see a single picture of a forthcoming game in a magazine and base all of our expectations upon it: this is going to be great because of this one tiny glimpse, something that might not even be in the final game. Happened all the time. And today's screenshot in the pages of a now-defunct magazine? YouTube, obviously.


Wronged Us has our attention. We don't know a lot about it, its story or how it'll play. We don't know platforms or price or crossover prospects with unconfirmed Hideo Kojima projects (heh). But we have seen a 19-second video - which you can watch below - and it's made us go: oh, damn, yes, this is our jam. Do people still say that a thing is their jam? Anyway, we like it - take a look...


Right? Creepy music, creepy birds, creepy atmosphere - and those two humanoid figures on the hillside seemingly with no heads. I mean, I'm no doctor but I'm fairly certain not having a head usually means not standing up and walking about the place, holding hands as you go. That's how nature usually works, anyway. And if you're gonna walk anywhere, headless friends, do not walk towards me.


The clip ends with the information that Wronged Us is being developed in Unreal Engine (5, presumably), and it's set for a 2022 release. Or perhaps a full reveal in 2022, it's not really all that clear. Click to the Twitter account linked in the YouTube post - zero tweets at the time of writing - and the information is similarly limited but a little more enlightening, nonetheless: "Survival Horror Open World Game". Yep, those are some words we understand.

Just as we understand the stated influences listed on the YouTube post: Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Dark Souls. Last one's a little interesting, seeing as it's not strictly a horror ga... I mean okay, it kind of is a horror game series, isn't it. Is this enough to get a little excited about? It's more than a screenshot so sure, why not: might all come to nothing, might turn out to be a massive disaster, could be another Abandoned and we really don't need that, huh. But for now, let's lean on the optimism, and get just a tiny bit terrified.

Featured Image Credit: Wronged Us

Topics: Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Indie Games

Mike Diver
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