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This Dog Is Better At Street Fighter Than You

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This Dog Is Better At Street Fighter Than You

Cohen, an Australian Shepherd dog, knows how to play Street Fighter, and what's more, she's very good.

In the video, Cohen's owner (photographer Jess Bell) holds an arcade stick while Ryu and Ken face off in Street Fighter V, displayed on the television. Bell signals for Cohen to sit in front of the arcade stick, and then points to the stick. Cohen leans one of her front legs on the buttons, and pushes the stick with her mouth. She completes a perfect quarter circle, sending a Hadoken towards the hapless Ken. He never stood a chance. Take a look for yourself below:

It's very impressive. The most interesting part of Cohen's Hadoken is that she uses a buffer tactic, which is notoriously difficult to pull off, even for those with opposable thumbs. To the uninitiated, a buffer is a tactic where the player inputs an attack while their character is performing another action. As a result, characters' attacks are able to land even if they would be outside of its range in any other circumstance. Cohen holds down the punch button, then pulls the stick to complete a quarter circle, then releases the button and stick. Clever pooch.


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This isn't the only trick that the dog is able to perform. Bell has uploaded a considerable number of instructional videos for owners to teach their dogs new skills. These include hugs, standing on her owner's feet, handstands, jumping and catching the dog in her arms, balancing objects, slaloms, and rolling herself in a blanket. She's even seen to take a sausage and then hand it to her owner, showing resolve and self-discipline that other dogs could only aspire to.

I have a dog, and her name is Scout. She's a golden retriever, which is generally understood to be an intelligent breed of dog; it's ranked fourth for obedience-command trainability, after the border collie, poodle, and German Shepherd. Scout is wonderful, but I know that she and Cohen are cut from different cloth. Sometimes Scout only responds to her name if someone else says it. Alternatively phrased, Scout will stop ignoring me if I ask my sibling (who is on the phone to me) to call her name instead. Additionally, Scout is lazy, and will bark and bark until you give her the toy that she wants from the toy bucket, instead of fishing it out herself.

These traits mean she is ill-equipped to play Street Fighter, but she is very good at being my dog.

Featured Image Credit: Jess Bell, Capcom

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