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This Giant Scorpion PC Gaming Station Is An Absolute Monster

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This Giant Scorpion PC Gaming Station Is An Absolute Monster

Do you want a sick PC gaming setup that also doubles up as a monstrous robotic scorpion chair? Of course you do.



That's why you'll want to take a look at this incredible piece of kit that's been doing the rounds online this weekend - it combines my dreams of playing the best PC games in comfort and style while also pretending that I've sent an army of deadly drones to kill Spider-Man.

The Cluvens IW-SK zero-gravity esports gaming chair and workstation is without doubt one of the most extra gaming chairs I've ever seen in my life. The incredibly elaborate setup serves as an all-in-one chair and desk solution for gamers, supporting an ultra-wide 49-inch monitor... or three curved monitors at around 27-inches each if you're feeling extra flashy.


There are even pre-built HDMI/DP cables to connect to monitors, so setting it all up should be easy enough.

"This is our new model of the year 2020 that's in the shape of a scorpion. Comfortable recline up to 170 degrees," the website promises.

You can control both the chair and desk electronically via touch, meaning you can adjust accordingly. Put this thing near a fridge, grab some blankets, and you could feasibly live in the damn thing... right up until you spill Mountain Dew on it and the resulting electrical overload forces the chair to fuse to your spine, turning you into a genuine supervillain.


I'm sure you won't be entirely shocked to learn that this particular piece of furniture doesn't come cheap. The current asking price is $1,900, which is roughly about £1,485. I should also point out that it obviously doesn't come with its own gaming PC or monitors either - you need to purchase and hook those up separately.

While the whole thing has clearly been designed with PC gaming in mind, there's no reason you couldn't also play Xbox or PlayStation games in there. You could also clamber in and enjoy some Nintendo Switch action, but I'm not sure that'd have the same effect. If you aren't sitting in a robot scorpion looking at a giant monitor and cackling to yourself, are you even sat in a robot scorpion?

Featured Image Credit: Cluvens

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Ewan Moore
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