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Sci-Fi-Styled Giant Gaming Rig Looks Like A Bizarre Techno Egg

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Sci-Fi-Styled Giant Gaming Rig Looks Like A Bizarre Techno Egg

Words: Catherine Lewis


What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a sleek modern gaming setup? Perhaps a huge desk with a flashy glowing keyboard, or a futuristic chair that definitely prioritises comfort over style. Either way, I'm willing to bet you didn't think 'egg'.

Well, think again, because Cooler Master's new Orb X is exactly that. Supporting up to three 27" monitors, and surround sound speakers housed directly in the workstation, Cooler Master says the Orb X is "a fully immersive multi-purpose semi-enclosed workstation for gamers and professionals". If you ask me, it also looks a bit like an Among Us character from the front (the internet has ruined me).

In case you somehow missed it, Valve is making a handheld PC... bit more portable than this egg thing...



The Orb X is complete with an ergonomic recliner, adjustable lumbar support, as well as a head and footrest, so you can comfortably cosy up in the otherworldly egg for your long gaming sessions, or alternatively pretend you're blasting off into space (I won't judge).

Just from the pictures - find more, here - you can definitely see how the semi-enclosed cockpit creates the perfect place to zone out of the outside world, and the rig also includes a hidden compartment with a built-in sliding tray for a PC or console, so you can kit it out to your taste.


Perhaps the most exciting sounding feature is the single-touch activation (dubbed the "automatic shuttle dome"), which, and I quote, "welcomes you into your journey to the virtual world". It kind of sounds like once you enter this thing you might never leave again, but you can't deny that it looks cool.

Currently, there's no price or release date for the Orb X, but it's probably safe to bet that anything that looks like it was plucked from 2050 and may or may not include a time warp function isn't going to come cheap. That said, I for one welcome our new techno-egg rig overlords.

Featured Image Credit: Cooler Master

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