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A 4K Remaster Of 'TimeSplitters 2' Was Hidden In A Random Game All Along


A 4K Remaster Of 'TimeSplitters 2' Was Hidden In A Random Game All Along

In a stunning turn of events, it's been discovered that there was an entire remake of the classic first-person shooter TimeSplitters 2 stored in Dambuster Studios' Homefront: The Revolution.


So, how has this come to light almost five years after the release of that game? Over the Easter weekend, developers of all stripes were sharing stories of their favourite Easter eggs that they'd squirrelled away in their games. There's this extremely rare tribute to Assassin's Creed in Uncharted 4, there's the fact that McCree's revolver has an anniversary date stamped on it in Overwatch, and there's a beloved pooch on a poster in the pet shop of The Last Of Us Part 2. Really, the responses to that tweet are super, and I definitely recommend a scroll through even if you're not familiar with every single game there.


Moving on. Matt Phillips, who used to work for Crytek, weighed in with his own "proudest moment" while developing Homefront: The Revolution. It's a "fully playable, native 4K port of TimeSplitters 2 hidden in this arcade machine." Now, we did know that two levels of the game were lurking in Homefront: The Revolution, but this revelation has caused quite the stir, as I'm sure you're able to imagine. "I ported the network stack to ride on top of HF:TR's co-op mode," explained Phillips. "If, and that's a big if, anyone was able to hack two or more arcades into one of the co-op maps, it'll boot to the multiplayer menu." In fact, the idea to put the remake in the game "started as an office joke" so it's frankly incredible that no one had let slip about the Easter egg in the time that's passed.


But. And it's a big "but." The access code for the TimeSplitters 2 remake inside Homefront: The Revolution has been lost, sadly. Phillips no longer has the notebook with the keys, and although he passed it along to a pal to leak in a Discord channel, the mods didn't believe them and banned their account. That would have come in handy for fans of the brilliant shooter, as THQ Nordic has no intentions of remastering the series. Never say never, though, and if this Easter egg has proven anything, it's that people are champing at the bit for the game to get a lick of paint and a new lease of life. There's probably a handful of hackers who are trying to prise the TimeSplitters 2 remake from Homefront: The Revolution as we speak, so we'll let you know if we hear anything more.

Featured Image Credit: Dambuster Studios, Free Radical Design

Topics: News, THQ Nordic

Imogen Donovan
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