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Tom Hiddleston Wants To Play Loki Forever, And Marvel Should Let Him


Tom Hiddleston Wants To Play Loki Forever, And Marvel Should Let Him

Tom Hiddleston's Loki has long been an essential fixture in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - and arguably one of its most important characters.


First appearing as the Norse God of Mischief all the way back in 2011's Thor, Loki ended up being the reason The Avengers ever got together in the first place. His imprisonment of Odin at the end of Thor: The Dark world led to the cataclysmic events in Thor: Ragnarok, and his eventual redemption was cut short by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. Except of course that wasn't the end, because Loki survives. It's what he does.


Hiddleston was able to reprise the role recently in the excellent Disney Plus series Loki, bringing new depth to the character and teasing a fascinating future for the MCU. Loki continues to accidentally kickstart massively important events, having played a hand in the rebirth of the entire damn multiverse in his own season finale.


With such a rich past behind and promising future ahead of him, it's little surprise that Hiddelston is willing to play Loki for as long as Marvel will have him. During a Q&A fan session on Tumblr earlier this week, the actor was asked by a fan if he'd be willing to play the trickster god for the rest of his life, and his answer was incredibly positive.

"Would I? Yeah, absolutely," the actor replied. "I'm so lucky that I've got to play Loki for this long, and you know, I feel like he's such an interesting character who's been around in human consciousness for so long. And he's got so many different aspects, so many different complex characteristics, that it feels like every time I play him I find out something new or we get to evolve him or take him down an avenue that we haven't gone down before."

Hiddleston has played the character for an impressive 11 years now, and with season two of Loki around the corner he could well be on track to beat Hugh Jackman's incredible 17-year run as Wolverine.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel

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Ewan Moore
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