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Tom Holland Wants To Play Spider-Man For At Least Seven More Movies

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Tom Holland Wants To Play Spider-Man For At Least Seven More Movies

Cards on the table, I love Tom Holland as Spider-Man. Growing up I found Tobey Maguire to be the perfect Peter Parker, while Andrew Garfield's more cocksure take on the character was stronger whenever he was in costume.


But Holland? From the moment he nervously quipped his way through his debut in Captain America: Civil War, I was sold. This is a guy that plays both Peter Parker and Spider-Man to perfection (yes, there is a difference between the two).

Across two solo films and a handful of appearances alongside the Avengers, it's been a delight to watch this version of Spider-Man grow out from underneath Iron Man's shadow and establish himself as a hero in his own right. That's why I, like so many others, are deeply concerned about the legalities of Spider-Man in the MCU after Spider-Man: No Way Home releases this Christmas.



For those that don't know, Tom Holland's third Spidey film is currently the last one with "Spider-Man" Sony and Marvel have agreed to do together. After this, the character is set to appear in another Marvel movie as a cameo/supporting player. We don't know which one yet, but we do know it could be the last time Holland's Spider-Man appears in the MCU.

That probably won't be the case, of course. Sony and Marvel have said Spidey is out of the MCU before and then worked out a new deal, but with the idea of multiple universes becoming more and more prominent in superhero movies, who knows what tricks Sony might pull to yank Holland's Spidey and all of his friends away from the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor?

The good news is that we can at least take comfort in the fact that Holland himself wants to carry on with the role for as long as Marvel and/or Sony will have him.

Spider-Man Far From Home / Credit: Marvel
Spider-Man Far From Home / Credit: Marvel

"I'm very lucky that I look young and I can continue to play this 17-year-old web-slinger and I will do that for as long as they will have me," Holland told USA Today. "If they want me to make 10 Spider-Man movies, you better believe I will be there but Cherry was our big leap. I'm really interested to see the types of doors that it opens and the doors that it closes.

"One of the most amazing things about being an actor is that when you finish work, there will always be this film, this tangible thing you can sit down and watch and reminisce," Holland says. He's now played Spidey in five movies, including his two solo outings, but the infamously loose-lipped actor still isn't allowed to take props home. Not too surprising, given he did leak the title of the last movie.


"If Sony and Marvel don't let me take the Spider-Man suits home, I am going to steal them," he joked. "I'm going to wear all of them at the same time and walk out and be like, "If you want them, you have to come and take them off me because I want them."

Please, Sony, let Tom Holland play Spider-Man forever.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel Studios

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Ewan Moore
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