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xQc Hits Out At Twitch "Double-Standards" After Amouranth Is Unbanned

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xQc Hits Out At Twitch "Double-Standards" After Amouranth Is Unbanned

Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa is back on Twitch after a temporary ban, and Felix "xQc" Lengyel has ranted at the company for its inconsistencies regarding sanctions on streamers.


Amouranth, who has a whopping 3.5 million followers and nearly 20,000 subscribers on the platform, was one of the most recognisable faces of the hot tub trend on Twitch. This involved the streamer sitting in a pool while chatting to their viewers and completing challenges like mini games or exercises like squats.

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Once a certain number of subscribers had been passed, Amouranth would write a name on her body or follow someone back on their social media accounts. Though these streams were within the rules imposed by Twitch, critics called out women like Amouranth for exploiting their sex appeal for attention through hot tub streams. If you're on the fence about the trend, ask yourself: would you consider a person wearing a bikini on the beach to be a sexual situation? Yep. There's the answer.

Then, Amouranth and a number of others made the jump to the ASMR category, where they started the new meta. This is where the streamer is lying on a bed and licking a microphone for subscriber goals, occasionally dressed in cosplay like Black Widow, D.Va, and maid outfits.

Personally, the sounds have the same effect as taking polystyrene out of a cardboard box to me - i.e. not nice. However, Amouranth saw even more success and even more hate for these streams, and she was temporarily banned following the debacle. Now that she's returned, xQc has something to say about how Twitch reacted to Amouranth's controversial content creation.


"It's just the fact that... [it's] the same offense, five times in two months, and [she only got] a three-day ban," he said on stream yesterday. "After I repeated the same offense two times, I thought it was going to get [permanently banned].

I had the word 'perma' over my head for months for something that I did eight months ago." Earlier this year, in a reaction stream, xQc accidentally used a video showing a man arrested by the police who had his genitals visible. Twitch does not tolerate nudity on its platform in any form. "Now, after five times, [she] got a three-day ban? That makes no f**king sense at all!" continued the streamer. "How do you not get mad as a Twitch Partner seeing this?"


The reaction to xQc's outburst has been supportive. "I don't like xQc that much, but goddamn, he's right about this sh*t," said thecrazedminer on Twitter.

"Do I feel like I deserve [the harassment]?" said Amouranth in an interview with Polygon. "No, I don't think anyone does. But I do feel it's worth it to just keep grinding while I'm young and have the energy, and then when I'm older and have saved enough money, I can actually do what I want with it, you know? Something like - it's just frontloading the work, rather than spreading it throughout my life. And I think that's worth the harassment."

Featured Image Credit: Amouranth via Twitch, xQc via Twitch

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Imogen Donovan
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