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Twitch Appears To Have Banned Mentions Of Hot Tub Streamers On Its Channel


Twitch Appears To Have Banned Mentions Of Hot Tub Streamers On Its Channel

It seems that Twitch has had enough of audiences asking it to address hot tub streams. One Reddit user has spotted that the live streaming platform has blocked the term 'hot tub streamers' from being posted on its company channel, to avoid viewers asking about the controversial topic.


Undoubtedly, Twitch's biggest conversation at the moment is what should and should not be on the platform. Although many think of Twitch as a place for gaming content, the site has always had a wide variety of creators on it, many of them not gaming related. Even though this is the case, many don't think hot tub streamers should be allowed to create on Twitch, as some think it is too sexual for the site.

If you've yet to hang out on Twitch, you might think hot tub streams are the only broadcasts you can find. But actually, there is a lot more the site offers, like these hilarious streaming moments...



Twitch's policies allow individuals to wear certain clothing in appropriate settings. A bikini, for example, is suitable clothing on Twitch if you're in a hot tub, on the beach, or more. Similarly those who are body painters are allowed to wear smaller items of clothing. Some viewers, however, haven't been satisfied with this explanation and have demanded further comment from Twitch on the subject.

That's when JitterOS decided to ask about hot tub streamers while Twitch streamed their Public Access broadcast. As Dexerto spotted, the Reddit user tried to ask about the state of the hot tub stream on Twitch when the message was blocked from being posted. That means, at least for now, that the channel has deliberately blocked that term.


Is this a permanently banned term? Probably not. It's more likely that it's been banned so people don't spam the chat with messages that weren't relevant to the conversation the hosts were trying to have. It does show, though, that Twitch has put its foot down, somewhat, on the topic. Hot tub streams are here to stay - but if anyone does overstep the bounds of sexual content, they will be banned.

Featured Image Credit: JitterOS / Amouranth

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Imogen Mellor
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