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Twitch Streamer Trips And Breaks LEGO Millennium Falcon After 13 Hours Of Building

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Twitch Streamer Trips And Breaks LEGO Millennium Falcon After 13 Hours Of Building

For those who can actually afford the increasingly expensive and extravagant sets, LEGO is a wonderfully Zen pastime. Some of the more complicated sets released over the last few years are massive undertakings that require your full attention, and can take days - if not weeks - to finish properly.


The end result is always its own reward. Slotting in that final brick and knowing your creation is finally complete is a heck of a feeling. Honestly, if I had the space and the money, I'd be so much more into LEGO than I currently am. It's one heck of a hobby, based on my own brief experiences with it.

Of course, you don't even have to be that into LEGO to recognise how truly awful it must have felt for Twitch streamer and builder TheBananaaMan when he tripped and fell directly onto the Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon he'd spent 13 hours building.


The Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon doesn't come cheap. A quick glance online shows me it regularly sells for around £650. And at 7,541 pieces it's the biggest LEGO set ever created. Clearly, putting one together would be a massive undertaking - and finishing it would be a hell of an achievement.

That's why my heart breaks so for TheBananaaMan. The streamer regularly broadcasts his builds on Twitch, which always makes for a nice meditative watch. Unfortunately this particular stream took a turn when he stood up from his workstation and tripped directly onto Han Solo's iconic ship.

"Cut my hand open...broke my LEGO. It's in thousands of pieces," he told viewers. If there's a silver lining to be extracted from this, it's that after 13 hours of building the ship was still nowhere near finished. With that said, it's still very much 13 hours of work down the drain. Worse still, a handful of pieces from the set were completely destroyed and can't be used in the build. That means The BananaaMan will have to get them replaced before he can carry on.


Here's hoping it's not too long before our hero can get what he needs to finish the build and see it through. I'm rooting for you, my friend.

Featured Image Credit: Twitch/Disney

Topics: Star Wars, Lego

Ewan Moore
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