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Twitch Streamer AnnieFuchsia Calls Out "Obviously Sexualised" Content On Streams


Twitch Streamer AnnieFuchsia Calls Out "Obviously Sexualised" Content On Streams

Popular streamer AnnieFuchsia has explained why she takes issue with the "sexualised" content that seems to have become more and more prevalent on Twitch.


Annie, a much-loved World Of Warcraft streamer, ended up going viral on the livestreamfail subreddit last night when a user uploaded a snippet of one of her streams. In the clip, she calls out a separate stream in which a woman - apparently dressed as Tifa from Final Fantasy VII - does yoga and bounces on a trampoline.

"This is on Twitch," says Annie, clearly unhappy with the situation. "Normally I'd be like 'oh sh*t I can't show you this on stream', but this is on Twitch. And it's so obviously sexualising. We're meant to see this as normal IRL, and I think we see this things as 'no big deal', that means when you have actual porn it has to become so much more hardcore to be counted as porn."


Annie's comments echo a growing concern from the vast majority of the Twitch community that the streaming platform isn't doing enough to regulate what they perceive to be sexual content. Earlier this week, mega streamer Félix 'xQc' Lengyel took to Twitter to lash out at Twitch's "hot tub meta", which essentially revolves around women lounging around in hot tubs on stream and chatting.

"I'm gonna be honest, this hot tub meta is by far the most pathetic thing we've seen on Twitch in forever," he wrote. "What a sad reality. Please get this trash off the front page."


While many users seem to agree that Twitch should be cracking down on things like hot tub streams and the 'Tifa yoga' that Annie took issue with, others argue that there isn't anything inherently sexual about this kind of content: you bring your own ideas and preconceptions to it.


In a recent report from Kotaku Kaitlyn 'Amouranth' Siragusa, a popular hot tub streamer, posited that "people extrapolate their own agenda" onto these streams.


"There are two re-occurring themes that people go back to," she explained. "1) Twitch is for gaming or 2) Twitch is unfair towards male streamers-alternatively, Twitch is more lenient on female streamers". Siragusa added that she thinks a lot of this "perceived asymmetry" is a result of Twitch not outlining clear reasons when taking action against streamers.


It's an interesting perspective on the situation, but not one that's likely to win over many of the viewers and streamers who are already annoyed at this new wave of content. For now, it seems, Twitch will continue on as it always does - and the debate will no doubt rage on.

Featured Image Credit: Twitch/AnnieFuchsia

Topics: News, Twitch

Ewan Moore
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