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Horrified Twitch Streamer Opens Box Of Dog Poop Sent By Fan On Stream


Horrified Twitch Streamer Opens Box Of Dog Poop Sent By Fan On Stream

I love getting deliveries. It's the best part of any day when I have an order coming or when I get parcels with mystery contents - it's often a nice surprise. However, for one steamer, the simple act of opening a box will never be the same again after one viewer sent him an unexpected and unpleasant 'gift'.


Twitch streamer American Dad was minding his own business on stream, opening packages and letters from his fans so they could see his reaction. It was all going pretty well until he opened a package and identified that the contents smelled a little... off. He says to chat, "Why does this actually smell like sh*t? This actually smells like a turd. Is there f****** poop in here bro?"

Here are some of our favourite streaming wins and fails...



Chat encouraged him to keep opening the package, thinking he might either be smelling the box itself and not the contents or even that he was wrongly identifying the scent. To verify the strange smell American Dad got someone else in the house to come and sniff the box - they also said it smelled like crap.

A letter came with the package and said, "Hey AD, I think you are going to need a plunger for this one ;). Hope that you enjoy it poosie! You deserve it! Thanks for all the laughs! Signed your friend, Thedojo69."

The two continue to open the package to find a piece of poo in a ziplock bag. American Dad doesn't show it on stream but they both seem shocked that someone went out of their way to send him something like that.


The streamer tweeted the clip, showing the events and following up with a few other details on the matter. "FEW THINGS: 1. Yes I washed my hands when I threw the box away and sanitized everything after stream. 2. The person who sent this had never said anything in chat until this, so naturally they were banned. 3. Vet who sends you packages, even to a PO Box. I know, it sucks. 4. At the end of the day, even tho it's gross. It is kind of funny."

And yeah, although this is a pretty crap (pun intended) situation because it highlights the scary nature of receiving gifts from fans, it's also a little bit funny that someone decided to play a prank on American Dad. Sadly it probably means he has to be more careful with the packages he receives in the future because who knows what they might contain, and maybe Thedojo69 will attempt to strike again.

Featured Image Credit: American Dad (via Twitch)

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Imogen Mellor
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