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‘Far Cry 6’ Pranks Players With Hilarious Assassin’s Creed Easter Egg


‘Far Cry 6’ Pranks Players With Hilarious Assassin’s Creed Easter Egg

Far Cry 6 introduces players to the enormous island of Yara, a fictional Caribbean island on the precipice of revolution. Yet, when you're on some downtime from your role as a freedom fighter, you might notice this silly Assassin's Creed Easter egg.


As a series, Far Cry likes to nod towards lots of other influences in its outings from prehistoric Europe to the Himalayas to the gorgeous mountains of Montana. In Far Cry New Dawn, there's a downed plane that has a laptop that references Splinter Cell. Urki the Thinker asks the player in Far Cry Primal to help him fly like a bird, and then watches as the character chucks himself off a cliff to land in a haystack to complete the quest.

So, in Far Cry 6, when players found a plank of wood hanging off the side of a watchtower with piles of hay nearby in Isla Santuario, and an eagle crying in the distance, you'd forgive them for thinking that this is an achievement and throwing themselves off the top. How wrong they were.

Check out gameplay of the new game here, featuring Guapo the alligator taking the Yaran revolution into his own fearsome gnashers!



Landing in the piles of hay isn't the graceful leap of faith found in the stealth series of games. It flat-out (or should I say, splat-out) kills Dani Rojas If there isn't an NPC in the area to revive the character, though some have been able to walk away with their spines still in their bodies.


In spite of no trophy or challenge popping after jumping off the ledge, it's hilarious to see that players still tried again and again to see if there was any sort of acknowledgement. Nope. It's just a brilliantly effective joke. Least they're all in the same boat together with broken knees and ankles on the wrong way round.

Dani Rojas is the first Far Cry central character to be portrayed with their own voice and motivations in third-person cutscenes. It's certainly an approach that puts it apart from its predecessors, but it was seen an opportunity to offer a grounded perspective on the story of Far Cry 6. Whether or not it worked, well, you'll just have to read our review on the game.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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Imogen Donovan
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