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Ubisoft Hasn’t Asked ‘Watch Dogs 2’ Marcus Voice Actor To Make A Reappearance

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Ubisoft Hasn’t Asked ‘Watch Dogs 2’ Marcus Voice Actor To Make A Reappearance

Watch Dogs: Legion has just come out and while we're trying our best "alright guvna" Victorian street urchin voices while we stroll through London, we can't help but wonder where Marcus is.


Watch Dogs: Legion is the continuation of DedSec story, a tale about the organisation who is trying to use technology and hacking against major corporations and states when surveillance gets out of hand. Legion takes place in post-Brexit authoritarian London, but Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2 were a little more chilled in their approach, with Aiden Pearce and Marcus Holloway leading the DedSec charge.

The American characters had their own cities to explore and learn about, but Aiden is already set up to join a special mission, Bloodline in Legion as a call back to old times. The trailer was revealed earlier this year, and it takes a brief look at what Aiden Pearce is doing all these years later. Basically, he's skulking about as usual.

Additionally, Wrench from Watch Dogs 2 is part of your mission so you'll see one of the main characters from that game in Legion too. So where is Marcus then? You know, the lead character?


It has been revealed in an IGN article that the voice actor for Marcus, Ruffin Prentiss, hasn't been asked to return to record content sadly. In the interview, he says, "I haven't heard from Ubisoft. I would love to reprise the role. It's one of my favourite things that I've ever done. When Aiden was announced I was like, 'Oh, maybe there's a potential.' [...] And then of course Wrench is in the game as well. He's my main partner in crime in Watch Dogs 2. So I think the realm of possibility still exists, but I have heard nothing from Ubisoft - but if they call, I'd absolutely jump back in."

So, although he hasn't been asked back yet, we hope that as the game evolves and DLC is announced, that Marcus will be making a reappearance. Who knows though, perhaps he's just still stuck in San Francisco.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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Imogen Mellor
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