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'Rainbow Six Siege 2' Is Not On The Cards And This Is Why


'Rainbow Six Siege 2' Is Not On The Cards And This Is Why

Ubisoft has addressed the possibility of Rainbow Six Siege 2 and in doing so reiterated its focus on the community of players it has cultivated for the years to come.


Rainbow Six Siege is a household name for its enormous player base, esteemed tournaments and egregious DDoS issues. "Over the last two seasons, we've made valuable progress in our fight against DDOS attacks on console," said Ubisoft in a recent update to the game's "Top Issues and Community Concerns" list. When it says "valuable progress," it means it, as the company won a $150,000 lawsuit against a website selling DDoS attacks on online games on June 22nd. The team behind the operation were hit with a hefty bill and were requested to transfer control of those offending domain names to Ubisoft.

Now that these rascals are legally prohibited from "impairing the integrity, availability, or condition of the R6S servers and networks," it's looking like a less frustrating future ahead for console players. Furthermore, the developers are focusing their efforts on improving flash detection and consistency, the visibility of certain skins on characters, friendly fire, and booting out the bad eggs who encourage toxicity and cheating.

Check out gameplay of the upcoming Rainbow Six Extraction, which pits players against the terrifying Archaean alien threat.



In spite of the arrival of Extraction, Ubisoft clarified that projects like these are not indicative of a sequel to Rainbow Six Siege. A recent Reddit Q&A session with players revealed the company's perspective on the trajectory that Siege will take. Yet, this might surprise you though - the reason is expressing adequate gratitude to their communities.

"Siege is an evolving game," said creative director Leroy Athanassoff. "The Siege of the future will be dramatically different from today's Siege, to the point where we could call it Siege 2. However, as a team, we strongly believe we can bring about these changes in an incremental way, within the current Siege framework."


"Siege 2 would mean a new game, a new environment, probably a new inventory and maybe a new dev team," continued Athanassoff. "We do not feel that this is what is needed for the community. We care about your investment in the game, we do not want to move to a new one."

"Because of those investments, in the years following Operation Health we have been able to make huge technical and architectural changes behind the scenes, to allow for more advanced features and content," concluded the creative director. "And if you never really saw it it's because we were able to still maintain the release and the rhythm of new content every season."

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft, Columbia Pictures

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Imogen Donovan
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