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This Chinese Action Movie Sure Looks Like A Pretty Famous Video Game


This Chinese Action Movie Sure Looks Like A Pretty Famous Video Game

An upcoming Chinese sci-fi action movie might be about to run into a little bit of trouble with Microsoft's lawyer over an incredibly familiar looking main character.


As spotted by industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, 天马行空 (Unstoppable) is brand-new sci-fi adventure coming soon to a cinema nowhere near you. Unfortunately, the movie's newly-released poster features a character that looks an awful lot like Halo's Master Chief, something Microsoft probably won't be best pleased about.

Take a look at the poster for yourself below:


That's a little too close for comfort, right? In fact, it looks an awful lot like the poster has simply straight-up ripped a piece of old Halo 4 concept art by John Wallin Liberto. If you can spot the difference, you've got better eyes than me.


The official Xbox Weibo account (basically Chinese Twitter) has acknowledged the movie, writing: "The story of Halo is not Unstoppable the legend of Master Chief will return in Halo Infinite this winter". It's unclear if Microsoft intends to take action, but it looks like it's definitely aware of what's going on, at least.

According to Chinese film website ACFun, 天马行空 is the latest project from 该片由梦想国际影业 (Dream International Pictures) and was directed by the company's co-founder 导演杨锋 (Yang Feng). Described as a sci-fi disaster film, it takes place in the year 2080 in an interstellar city hit by a meteor shower capable of mutating its many intergalactic denizens.

Bizarrely, there doesn't seem to be any trace of a trailer for the project, despite ACfun's assertion that the movie was released in Zhejiang on June 19. Stranger still, what look to be production images from the movie shared on Weibo show off a bunch of interesting looking alien characters and prosthetics, but not a single figure that resembles Master Chief. It's unclear how or why a figure bearing such a striking resemblance to the Microsoft mascot ever found his way onto the poster, and I'm not entirely sure we'll ever get an answer.

Featured Image Credit: 该片由梦想国际影业/Microsoft

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Ewan Moore
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