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'Valheim' Players Have Started Playing Viking Beer Pong


'Valheim' Players Have Started Playing Viking Beer Pong

The Valheim community, in their endless creativity, have developed a very modern solution to ancient aggravations: they've been playing beer pong. Or, more correctly, it's mead pong. Place your bets and may the most glorious warrior prevail.


Released in early access last month, building and bludgeoning in Valheim is one of the most popular ways that gamers are spending their free time under lockdown. With visuals that look like they've been lifted from the early noughties, players arrive in the titular realm after being informed by the Valkyries that they are dead. This is good news, though, as only the fiercest and the most formidable of Vikings are granted the honour of defending Odin from enemies found in Valheim. This hefty responsibility on their shoulders, the majority of players are in fact testing their skills in architecture and interior design and making memes. Well, I suppose it isn't too far fetched from the antics of the real Vikings themselves.

The spark that set off these beer pong competitions was Reddit user thetrueTrueDetective, who received praise for their very literal game-changer. Using their tricks, JaplesPie uploaded a video of their game with two of their friends - one was their opponent, and the other watched over the game as an umpire. They chose a Cloudberry - though this could be swapped for an amber pearl for accuracy - and tossed it from their inventory onto the table to excellent results. The cups are filled with potion, and arguably, this produces far more of a spectacle than regular ol' beer pong. I wish I got glowy particle effects when I drink beer.


To construct your own beer (or mead) pong table, you'll need a lot of fine wood from birch and oak trees, which is only harvestable if you've got a bronze axe. With the table complete, then the fine wood mugs must be placed in item holders otherwise they'll scatter onto the floor. More fine wood plus bronze nails create this, and arrange the holders in the traditional triangular format. Bingo. But, if this is sounding a little too involved for the way you like to play Valheim, sort out tiffs with a troll pit.

is available via Steam, and there's a possibility that it will arrive for consoles in the future.

Featured Image Credit: thetrueTrueDetective/JaplesPie/Reddit/Iron Gate

Topics: News, Steam, PC, Valheim

Imogen Donovan
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