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'Watch Dogs Legion' Random Algorithm Accidentally Makes The Most Awful Character

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'Watch Dogs Legion' Random Algorithm Accidentally Makes The Most Awful Character

Watch Dogs Legion lets players step into the shoes of any Londoner strolling the streets, but the random generation of NPCs has led to one repugnant result.


In a glittering and grimy post-Brexit city, the fictional private military contractor Albion quashes resistance to its regime with its oppressive tools and omnipresence across the capital. If the shadowy hacking collective DedSec is to liberate the people of London, they'll need all hands on deck, and players literally are able to recruit anyone they see to their cause. "This is probably one of the most ambitious games Ubi has ever imagined," said associate producer Shelley Johnson in 2019. "It's very much a Watch Dogs game, but it's completely different. You can play as anyone in this world. It's not a single hero. Each character is unique."


Scanning the bustling crowds with the Profiler reveals an individual's name, their profession, a brief blurb about their personality, and even how sympathetic they are towards DedSec. Different people will have different skills; for example, a construction worker has access to a large cargo drone which doubles as a vehicle, whereas a maintenance employee may suddenly start sweeping to blend into the crowd and evade pursuits. Expectedly, it's pretty important to regularly profile passersby in order to develop a diverse team able to take on any threat from Albion (... the ethics of dredging personal information about strangers aside).


The random generation of NPCs is, on the whole, surprising and interesting since you never know who you'll meet. However, one player has shared a particularly unsavoury character which has been created by the procedural mish-mashing of various attributes in the game. Discovered by Watch Dogs Legion player Andy Borjas, this person is a paediatrician and they recently "ended a personal relationship with a patient."

A paediatrician is a medical professional who treats children and young people under the age of 18, and ergo, the combination of these two details is extremely inappropriate. Imaginably, this is not intentional, and the blurb appears for other medical professionals in London like doctors and paramedics. It should not appear for paediatricians, however, and it is hoped that Ubisoft has been alerted to the error and is working on a patch to prevent this from happening again.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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Imogen Donovan
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