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Gamer Calls 911 On Mum For Changing Their Xbox Password

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Gamer Calls 911 On Mum For Changing Their Xbox Password

I'm sure we all acted out at one point or another as kids, right? My mum and dad certainly delight in telling me what an arsehole I used to be, anyway.


They'll often recount the story of when, in an effort to avoid leaving the comic book section of W.H Smiths before I was ready, I screamed out: "this man is not my daddy!" over and over again as my embarrassed (and furious) dad attempted to carry me out. To be fair to me, I was only six years old and super into Spider-Man. I should also stress that I'm really not proud of what I did that day.

Why bring it up at all, then? Mostly just to remind you that kids can be truly awful human beings. They might love their parents and have the best of intentions, but the minute something doesn't go their way? You better watch out. They grow up eventually, of course, but some kids pull stunts that'll stay with them forever.

Which brings me to the Halton police, who recently revealed over on their official Twitter account (thanks, Game Rant) that they had to deal with an unexpected domestic that turned out to be an incredible waste of everybody's time. The long and short of it? A kid took it upon himself to summon the long arm of the law because his mum changed the password to his Xbox account, presumably as punishment for something or other.


Unfortunately the Halton police couldn't share any further details on the incident, but it certainly doesn't sound like the child was charged for wasting police time. We also don't know how old the kid was, but we can assume/hope that they were younger than ten. Anything older than that and pulling a stunt like calling the cops over an Xbox password moves from being kind of funny to straight-up sad.

I can't imagine the kid got his Xbox password changed back after this stunt, either.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4/Rockstar Games

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Ewan Moore
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