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'Marvel's Avengers' Players Hit Out At New "Pay-To-Win" Update


'Marvel's Avengers' Players Hit Out At New "Pay-To-Win" Update

Marvel's Avengers got added to Game Pass on PC and Xbox! Yay! Marvel's Avengers now has XP and resource boosts in its in-game shop to tempt newcomers into spending money to burn through levels! Oh no. And now everyone is very upset.


As these additions have come not long after an update that dialled down the rate of XP gain, this doesn't look good for Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix. With the influx of new players to the game, which celebrated its one year anniversary in early September, these consumables seem to persuade the newbies to skip over the grind to get to the levels the veteran players have as well as their enticing gear.

The publisher and developer had also stated that there will be no "pay-to-win scenarios" back at E3 2019. While the boosts aren't the dictionary definition of the phrase, it's argued by grumpy players that they definitely fall into the "pay-to-grease-the-wheels-and-capitalise-on-feelings-of-FOMO" bracket.

Check out our chat with Christopher Judge, the voice of Black Panther in Marvel's Avengers and Kratos in God Of War, below!



Players are calling the introduction of consumables "scummy" and "greedy." At the moment, neither Crystal Dynamics or Square Enix have responded to the tide of negativity towards the game. "I never wanted to be so pessimistic about this game, had hoped to love it or maybe even champion it," said j_miyagi on Reddit. "I'm pessimistic because they've always given me reason to be, doesn't seem that'll change."

"I was already disgusted when they had the nerve to add $14 outfits after removing the way to earn cosmetics in game because there's supposed to be a cosmetic rework that they're working on. That rework is still nowhere to be seen," replied Kurumi on Resetera. "How you manage to f**k up an Avengers game I do not know. But somehow they managed to do it."


The community appear to be in agreement over their opinions on the additions and that they're sure that Marvel's Avengers is transitioning to become a free-to-play title. Whether or not this is the case, it would be one more controversial chapter in the game's lifespan.

Featured Image Credit: Crystal Dynamics, Square Enix

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Imogen Donovan
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